The Bilgoraj Cultural Association of Issak Bashevis Singer

Singer days





V Singer Days. 11-13 September 2009



I.B.Singer Days in Biłgoraj
The fifth annual festival of Jewish Culture
11 September – 13 September 2009
Program of Events
Friday, September 11th
Kolegium UMCS
-The extermination of Jews in Bilgoraj and in Lublin region. The presentation of the Book of Memory of Jews from Bilgoraj. Panel discussion with Prof. Monika Adamczyk- Garbowska (UMCS), Prof. Paweł Śpiewak (UW), Dr. Andrzej Trzciński (UMCS), Dr. Dariusz Libionka (PAN), and Dr. Piotr Weiser (UJ, ŻIH).
Saturday, September 12th
 11 am
-Abraham’s Sacrifice. Panel discussion with Prof. Paweł Śpiewak, a Dominican friar Tomasz Dostatni, priest Adam Boniecki (the editor of Tygodnik Powszechny) and members of Music and Theatre Association
3 p.m
The fair at the BCK:
-Jewish cooking- Sitarska Restaurant and Piotr Bikont
-A klezmer concert and folk bands
-market stalls
-snack bars
- A carousel and shooting gallery
Sunday, September 13th
11 am
-General Meeting of members of Biłgoraj Culture Association of I.B.Singer (BAKO)
3 p.m
-Unveil Singer’s Bench Monument (nearby St.George Church)
4.30 p.m
-Setting the foundation stone for Synagogue, Singer’s house and museum.
6 p.m
-Performance by theatre ‘NN’ (BCK)
In addition, the exhibition called “Israeli Landscapes” and “Wailing Wall” will be open to public at BCK. The exhibition is borrowed from the Embassy of Israel in Warsaw, Poland.