The Bilgoraj Cultural Association of Issak Bashevis Singer

Welcome to the website of the Bilgoraj Cultural Association of Issac Bashevis Singer

The great pride of Bilgoraj town are its inhabitants, its past times and traditions.

In the past Bilgoraj was a multicultural town. Here, in peace, Catholics, Jews and Orthodox lived together. Sieve makers from Bilgoraj, traveling around the world with their home made products, brought new ideas and trends to our beloved town.

We would like to continue the idea of the multicultural society in Bilgoraj. Our aim is to bring it to life once again. Thanks to Issac Bashevis Singer, a Nobel Prize-winning author and one of the leading figures in the Yiddish literary movement, Bilgoraj and its life of the multicultural society in the past is well known all over the world.